How to Stay in Heaven

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How to Stay in Heaven

“Heaven” is a state of peace, joy and timelessness strongly present in your being no matter where you are or what you are doing.

In the first class I gave out the Formula to enter and to live in Heaven. Alas! Getting in is the tip of the iceberg–staying put is harder than you think. Just when we are getting used to how nice Heaven is, the mind kicks our sorry selves out quick as a mouse! Dah! We know how to live in hell but Heaven requires a whole set of new habits. We will discuss these new skills in this week’s class:

TIME – to live in eternity where nothing ends is very different from facing the constant worry of death. We need to develop a new attitude: no more rushing around to meet deadlines.
Abandoning clock-based-time, yet still meeting our work schedule with others (including those not living in heaven) is a skill for those of us who have permanent addresses in Heaven.

ONE – in Heaven everything is all one thing. That ironically means more ego, not less! To be more specific, you must abandon the smaller ego to go to a bigger ego. Confidence, clarity, and making sure that your life is to your own liking before anyone else gets involved!

PLACE – in Heaven we can be everywhere at the same time. How this is done is not about physically moving the body, but about consciously moving the spirit. We’re taking about Presence!

LOVE – is a useful tool to protect yourself while you take temporary ventures out of Heaven into the Hell realms! Love is not simply a fanciful concept that we aspire to feel, it is a mighty tool. You can cut with love as well as heal. Have you seen paintings of angels with swords in their hands? When you move out of Heaven you become Love in action. In this way Heaven stays put with you no matter where you go. Arjuna! A spiritual warrior!

Conscious community gathering in the lovely garden. Joy is here. All is well.

If you missed the class “How To Live In Heaven,” no worries! You can see the lecture live-stream video on the Parallel University Facebook page.

July 24 2016


Date: July 24, 2016
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost: $15
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