HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny Funkmeyer this Sunday at Hyperslow Cafe

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny Funkmeyer this Sunday at Hyperslow Cafe

This is one of the many stories I want to share with you about the funny, sometimes very surprising paths we each take to find the real, true true peaceful, joyful, loving version of ourselves.

Sixteen years ago: “I looked down the deep, dark hole. It had a cool, calm blackness that was very alluring. I want to dive into it, travel to where it ends. My breathing was tight but even. I could do this. I pulled back the trigger. Steady, I aimed at my third eye, I felt the bullet inside the chamber and my third eye pull towards each other like magnets….

Out of nowhere, I hear, “How ’bout a cup of tea?” Pearly toned, full of peace, singsong. In the voice there is a feeling of normality, like there is nothing wrong. What a good idea! I ease back the trigger; a torrent of sweat suddenly comes from nowhere and pours down my face. My hands are shaking; I gingerly put the gun down…”

Thus began an intimate relationship with Sophia, at that time I considered my Spirit Guide. Sophia guided me to negotiate the mine fields of my mental illnesses, my extreme anger and hate. Today, I recognize Sophia is me, I had came back in time to save myself.

Accompanied by live music in a beautiful lovely cafe.

Excerpted from “MAGNUM OPUS” by Jenny Funkmeyer on Funkmeyer Bookies

November 06 2016


Date: November 6, 2016
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost: Free
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